What Is The Best ResurFX Skin Resurfacing Post-Procedure Care?

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ResurFX Post-Procedure Care

Skin Resurfacing ResurFX

Post-Procedure Care

Congratulation!  Recapture your beauty and youth with ResurFX skin resurfacing.  What is the best post-treatment care?











ResurFX Post-Procedure Care

You will note the following changes after ResurFX skin laser procedure:

  • Redness and a sunburn-type sensation generally lasting several hours.
  • Neck redness is more persistent and will usually linger several days longer than face redness.
  • Discrete stippled light-colored microdots appear in the treated area as part of the wound healing process and should be left to fade away naturally.
  • Face normally bronze and peel within 3-5 days while décolletage may need up to 2 weeks.

ResurFX Post-Procedure Care

Important aims in ResurFX post-procedure care:

  • Maintain high hygienic standards of the ResurFX treated area for several days.
  • Avoid, Avoid, Avoid
    • Avoid direct sunlight
    • Avoid dryness and excessive heat
    • Avoid trauma
  • Keep skin moist and cool to aid healing.

ResurFX Post-Procedure Care

It is normal for the ResurFX treated sites to feel like a sunburn for a few hours, or rarely longer.  

Start the cooling process immediately after your treatment: You can use many methods to ease the heat produced by the laser treatment and reduce inflammation.  

You may also expect redness within the treated area for next five to seven days: A sign of inflammation produced by the laser treatment.

The following ResurFX post-procedure care will help:

  • To ease redness, apply over-the-counter Hydrocortisone 1% cream which works like magic.
  • Cool the ResurFX treatment site: Cooling the treatment site diminishes swelling and ease discomfort.
    • Apply cold (not frozen) compress immediately after treatment – a bag of frozen peas is a good idea.
    • Avoid chemical cold packs if their temperature is below 4°C. 
    • Frozen wet paper towels placed in Ziploc bag are an alternative choice
    • Cool water spray is another option.
    • Fan the skin

Do not apply ice directly to the skin.

ResurFX Post-Procedure Care

Additional ResurFX skin resurfacing post-procedure care: Avoid trauma to the treated area.  Avoid, avoid, avoid…

Washing – Gently wash your face or other treated area with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser-Cetaphil, for example.  It is essential to use a mild cleanser while you heal.  Gently pat dry your skin: Never rub.

Avoid using any scrubs or irritants such as Retin-A, Benzoyl Peroxide or any astringents.

Bathing –  It is fine to take a bath: Just avoid very hot water.

Activities –  Avoid strenuous exercise and massage for 2–3 days post-ResurFX laser skin care.

ResurFX Post-Procedure Care


Regularly apply calming agents to keep the ResurFX treated area moist:  Aquaphor is a wonderful choice-  apply for 3 days or more on the treated area a few times a day.  More expensive Neocutis Hyalis is an alternative, with additional skin care benefits.  

It is imperative to keep the skin well moisturized, even while sleeping.

Remove the moisturizer very gently.  Please do not scrub.

ResurFX Post-Procedure Care

Sunlight Exposure

What is the next ResurFX skin resurfacing post-procedure care?

Avoid direct sunlight in the early post-procedure interval and then use sun protection with a high SPF (at least 30) for at least one month after the treatment.  Sunblock with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide will help tremendously.  

Protect the ResurFX treated areas from sunlight exposure, both natural or artificial, to reduce the chance of developing dark or light spots.

Sun exposure hinders the process of healing by triggering damage to the healing skin.  It may promote skin pigmentation and textural changes that may be permanent.

Tanning may increase melanin regeneration, which may end in hyperpigmentation.

ResurFX Post-Procedure Care


What is another ResurFX post-procedure care?

Would you like to apply makeup immediately after treatment?  ResurFX provides treatment gentle enough to use make up the same day.  Use mineral makeup (powder) to protect treated areas- liquid foundation may clog pores and aggravate new skin.

The treated skin is sensitive during this time: Remove the makeup gently.  Stop wearing makeup if the treatment site scales or cakes.

Note: Some physicians take a more conservative style, advising against makeup use for four or five days after treatment.  

Removing the makeup on a delicate skin, especially if the process is challenging, may injure the skin and predispose the site to infection.

ResurFX Post-Procedure Care

No Smoking

Post-procedure complications escalate with smoking.  To dodge extended healing time, avoid smoking for 48 hours prior to and at least 7 days after the treatment.



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