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After IPL Photorejuvenation

Caring for your skin after IPL Photorejuvenation/Photofacial: What to expect and avoid immediately after the IPL Photorejuvenation.


After IPL Photorejuvenation/ Photofacial

Congratulations: You did it.  Now you can relax and enjoy your radiant looks in a few days.  Yes, a few days…

Immediately after the IPL Photorejuvenation procedure, please do not be surprised to note following skin changes:

  • You may feel a sunburn sensation which will subside within a few hours but, rarely, may last up to three days.  Patients usually experience no side effects within 1-2 days of the procedure.
  • Your skin retains light sensitivity: As it is prone to sunburn, it is important for you to protect your skin using a broad-spectrum sunblock SPF 40 or more.  Apply sunblock immediately and avoid sun exposure for two days.
  • After the IPL treatment, your cheeks may be slightly pink for a few days, a natural blush.  You can resume your usual daily activities, including wearing makeup, but avoiding sun like a plague.
  • The fate of vascular lesions: The immediate response you can expect is a possible darkening of the lesions.  Lesions then may disappear, lightened or change color, turning gray or bluish- purple.  The lesions will generally lighten over the next week.
  • The fate of pigmented spots: You will note darkening of the brown spots before they flake off.  This is the desired response.  Additional brown spots may appear after IPL.  They should all peel off within 7-10 days.  IPL Photogeneration can dramatically diminish your sun damaged age spots, as well as other discolorations, and have you looking great in no time!  Remember, optimal result requires multiple treatments. 

After IPL Photorejuvenation/ Photofacial:

Best skin care For Immediate Mild Skin Redness & Swelling

  • Apply hydrocortisone 1% over-the-counter cream two times per day on an intact skin up to 3 days to decrease skin irritation.  It works like a magic.
  • Apply a wrapped cool compress or wrapped ice to the treated area for 15 minutes every 1-2 hours as needed to reduce the symptoms.

Skin Care After IPL Photorejuvenation/ Photofacial:

Avoid, Avoid & Avoid

  • Avoiding hard water, gently wash two times a day with mild soap.  Do not rub your skin vigorously-the skin will be fragile for several days.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure for up to two days following the procedure.
  • Pass up activities that can cause flushing for 24 hours after treatment or until any swelling resolves.
  • Avoid any topical products that may cause irritation for one week following treatment.  

Additional Skin Care Precaution

Call our office immediately if blistering, crusting or scabbing develops-an unlikely event.  Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment, such as bacitracin, to the area twice a day until the skin heals.  Do not pick or try to remove scabs that form following your treatment, as this may invite infection or scarring.

Recovery Time After IPL Photorejuvenation/ Photofacial

It is important to realize that recovery time varies greatly among individuals.

Though most physical side-effects will subside within 48 hours, patients may find that the blemishes on their skin darken for a period of up to two weeks.

Why?  The skin needs to the shed for the IPL results to be visible.  Eventually, skin blemishes will fade to a lighter appearance than before the treatment-a perfectly natural process.  

We will be delighted to see you again.  Performing IPL & other procedures at regular intervals are the New Skin Care Regime.  Time, although invisible, is reflected on our face…

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”

James Baldwin

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